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WTC: T-3048T / T-336T Solid Top Gathering Table

Manufactured by Whitewood

Wood Type: Parawood

WTC: T-3048T / T-336T
Solid top Gathering table


available in sizes listed below

WTC  T-3030T $189

WTC  T-3636T $219

WTC  T-3042T $219

WTC  T-4242T         $279

Available with Turned Leg as shown 
or Shaker Leg T-36S

Dimensions: WTC  T-3048T      30x48x36"H 
WTC  T-3030T    30x30x36   
WTC  T-3636T    36x36x36
WTC  T-3042T    30x42x36
WTC  T-4242T    42x42x36
Shipping Time: Special order products ship to our store in 4 to 6 weeks for unfinished pieces, and in 10 to 12 weeks for manufacturer finished pieces.
Kitchen & Dining Room - Gathering Tables - WTC: T-3048T / T-336T Solid Top Gathering Table

Orange Crate In-House Finishes

White Wash Black Cherry No Color
 (clear coat)
Rose Wood Maple Brown Mahaogany
American Walnut Antique Cherry Natural
 (warmer finish)
Black Teak Natural Espresso

Manufacturer Finishes Available from Whitewood

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Paint Finishes

WM02 Snow White
AG02 Aged Snow White

WM04 Red Pepper
AG04 Aged Red Pepper

WM05 Moss
AG05 Aged Moss

WM06 Lemon Meringue
AG06 Aged Lemon Meringue

WM07 Celery
AG07 Aged Celery

WM08 Exalted Blue
AG08 Aged Exalted Blue

WM09 Periwinkle Blue
AG09 Aged Periwinkle Blue

WM12 Sea Mist
AG12 Aged Sea Mist

WM16 Canary
AG16 Aged Canary

WM18 Khaki
AG18 Aged Khaki

WM47 Spearmint
AG47 Aged Spearmint

WM20 Sage
AG20 Aged Sage

WM24 Driftwood
AG24 Aged Driftwood

WM50 Claystone
AG50 Aged Claystone

WM30 Black Onyx
AG30 Aged Black Onyx

WM51 Smoke
AG51 Aged Smoke

WM41 Bleached White
AG41 Aged Bleached White

WM52 Celeste Navy
AG52 Aged Celeste Navy

WM53 Red Cherry
AG53 Aged Red Cherry

Stain Finishes

WM54 Coffee

WM17 Antique Pine

WM40 Espresso

WM82 Rosewood

WM43 Cottage Oak

WM29 Warm Cherry

WM44 Glenoak

WM42 Charcoal

WM77 Candlelite

WM45 Ginger

WM84 Aged Cherry

WM905 Moss Washed

WM908 Exalted Blue Washed

WM909 Periwinkle Blue Washed

WM930 Black Onyx Washed

WM941 Bleached White Washed

WM49 Clear Coat

Heavily Distressed

HD641 - Autumn

HD645 - Truffle

HD643 - Hazelnut

HD644 - Nickel

HD642 - Ivory

HD646 - Caviar